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July 18, 2017
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Positioned for Growth with Underserved Markets



By Kristin Messerli
Managing Editor, Mortgage Women Magazine

Women have a tendency to think outside of the box and consider new avenues of growth that are frequently overlooked. As women, we have often been misunderstood and largely underserved, so we are positioned uniquely to identify opportunities in new markets where others may be missing the mark. That’s why in our most recent issue, we focused on the topic of marketing to underserved communities and utilizing innovative approaches to access new market share.

Our marketing columnist, Carly Reeves, is the Co-Founder of a marketing agency and serves companies across the country in helping them develop effective marketing strategies, which nearly always include a multicultural approach. She explains in her most recent article that “opportunities are missed to leverage [diverse markets’]buying power.” Companies often underestimate the opportunity and think that by marketing to or serving these communities, they are prioritizing mission over profit and just “doing the right thing.” President of NAHREP Consulting, L. Maria Vergara, says in our latest issue that the topic of underserved markets or diversity and inclusion must move “from a ‘mission’ to the mainstream market.”

Carly explains, however, that companies have a steep learning curve in understanding how to reach diverse segments, which creates a significant barrier to entry. “Brands are using a cookie cutter approach when creating campaigns while missing the vast majority of potential customers.” Both Carly and Maria state the importance of companies investing in understanding these markets and putting resources toward attracting talent from underserved segments.

As a community of women, it is our responsibility to bring innovation and unique insights to grow long-term sustainable businesses that holistically support our community. Check out our latest issue for more inspiration on how we can move forward together.

L. Maria Vergara
L. Maria Vergara
L. Maria Vergara is President of NAHREP Consulting Services, a marketing consulting firm specializing in the Hispanic segment and Housing industry.

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